Philip - Founder

Are you curious about the story of YOUR NEON? Philip is going to tell you: "3 years of my life I spent in Shanghai, the metropolis of the world, known for its breathtaking skyline. Once back in the Netherlands I started to miss the Shanghai vibe and I wondered how I could create this vibe in my own space."
That's how the story of YOUR NEON began.

With its years of experience and passion for the signing industry, The young team of YOUR NEON has set up the perfect LED neon platform. YOUR NEON creates unique and sustainable LED neon signing for everyone. No matter what idea you have in mind, we'll make it happen. We stand for the best quality, the friendliest customer service and an awesome product.

Give it a shot and create YOUR TEXT with our configurator, request YOUR LOGO or choose one of our awesome designs from OUR COLLECTION

Besides the Netherlands, we ship to Germany and Belgium as well.